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Passionate About Inspiring Others

With a distinguished career as a Global Operations Executive in Fortune 500 companies, Vernessa Hopkins has redefined strategic influence, leading numerous teams to operational excellence and fostering innovation and growth in high-stakes environments.


Leveraging over a decade of leadership expertise, Vernessa crafts strategies that enable professionals to harness their unique strengths and navigate complexities with ease. As a sought-after consultant and speaker, she provides practical insights and tools that empower individuals and teams to lead purposefully and achieve remarkable results.

Vernessa’s career started as a customer service representative and progressed over the years to Vice President of operations for Prudential Insurance, a Fortune 500 insurance company. Her ability to motivate led her to provide mentorship and create strong leaders within the organization's Business Resource Group.

For the past 8 years, she has integrated her knowledge into business ownership and now provides career and life coaching and development workshops for others to help them attain their fullest potential.   In addition, she successfully owns and operates Tutordoctor of Montgomery and Bucks Counties and H3 Services.

Vernessa has an Master's in Business Administration from Saint Joseph University, and her BA in Marketing from Temple University located in Philadelphia, PA.

She proudly serves on the Board of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Montgomery County.  She also does speaking engagements.  Her most recent events was the speaker at the 2019 Women's Symposium and led the seminar for Effective Business Writing.  She also completed seminars with Montgomery Community College 

  • Certified Life Coach 

  • Prosci Change Management

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